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I couldn't keep up with this page, as new shows with new folks come in all the time.
Here are some of the artists that you may see me with at this time.
- updated Dec 2005 -




Whitesnake - Rock Legends take the stage with Uriah on bass.

Family Stone Experience - Sly & the Family Stone Members reunite, sans Larry n Sly.

The Brides of Funkenstein- George Clinton's Funk Diva Dawn Silva returns with Uriah providing the bottom!

Flametal - Fuse Traditional Flamenco with the intensity of Speed Metal. Add 2 hot dancers.

Flipsyde- HipHop from Oakland with a pop edge.

Jesse Brewster - Guitarist, Singer & Songwriter... for a cause and good music.

Destani Wolf - An amazing vocal talent, with flavors of R&B, World, Hip-Hop and Reggae.

Ledisi - Arguably the funkiest Diva since Chaka. Even Chaka says so!

Martin Luther - Front man for The Roots spins his own Rebel Soul Music.

Lyrics Born - Hip-Hop from the East Bay.

The Coup - Politically charged rap and party music from Oakland.

Toni Tony Toné - Original Oakland R&B. Catch me on select dates with Dwayne & the fellas.

Funk 101 - All Star tribute to Sly & the Family Stone & Graham Central Station, with original members!

The Doom Patrol - Rock. Soul. Metal. Pop. Prince meets Nirvana/Rage

Doppler Inc. - Joe Satriani Prodigé Doug Doppler rock a new kind of instrumental metal with his 7-string guitars!

Danny Jones - Joe Satriani protegé Danny Jones plays good ol' fashioned Roc n' Roll with his instrumental trio.

Surreal - Guitarist Sanford S. plays smooth jazzy lines & hip-hop & funk grooves.

The Robert Stewart Experience - What can I say? Robert Stewart is THE jazz saxxest of our time! you've gotta see him!

Lloyd Gregory - Jazz guitarist also plays Blues, Funk & R&B

Realistic Orchestra - Uriah is a regular guest with this 20-piece Drum n Bass Orchestra. Check 'em out!

T n' A - For all you old rockers out there, Carmine Appice, Pat Travers and myself recorded and album! Almost everywhere on the web affiliates their friend TM Stevens as the bassist, but it was I who worked on and recorded the bass lines for 12 or so tracks in three days in a small San Fernando Valley studio! Here's an interview with Pat where I'm mentioned correctly!

And here's an interview with Carmine where he mentions me, but says T.M. is my idol. Now, no offense to T.M., but I just don't know much about him or his playing. I do have a feeling we'd get along because we're both funky and crazy. Here's another lil tidbit on a bulletin board.



Noteworthy past or back-burner projects:

Garrin Benfield, Big Brutha Soul, Chris Clouse, Tony Furtado, Christina Aguilera, Melvin Seals, Taj Mahal, Kisha Griffin, Pinay Divas, Krickie, Joules Broussard, Manifest Yesterday, Rich Armstrong Quartet, Starlight Orchestra, Heather Hill, Napata.