WHITESNAKE are once again very happy to announce they have committed to playing at the DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL on JUNE 14th with DEF LEPPARD...

The show will coincide with action-packed Anniversary releases of the multi-platinum albums, ‘SLIP OF THE TONGUE’, marking it’s 20th Anniversary, & the ‘SLIDE IT IN’ album, which celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary this year.

It is understood there is also a SPECIAL EDITION of their award winning, 2008 album, ‘GOOD TO BE BAD’, featuring bonus tracks, being released around the same time.

In preparation for the DOWNLOAD show, WHITESNAKE will also be playing 3 weeks of shows around Scandinavia & Europe, starting in NORWAY on the 21st MAY, & will include headlining several festivals, & playing some low key, smaller venues in towns & villages outside of major cities.

WHITESNAKE singer, DAVID COVERDALE, said that in these uncertain times, when it is economically difficult for some people to get to see rock shows in their major cities, then it is the responsibility of the artist to take their music to the people, & that’s what WHITESNAKE intends to do, before undertaking a major North American tour in Summer.