Hello all! Here's some details:
Start time 10pm ish - Location: 25 Maiden Ln., SF

Things you should know:
Otis Lounge is a sexy, swanky, cozy SF venue- the kind Prince has his after parties at. It fits about 80 people between the downstairs bar and upstairs tables. You wont actually see us unless you sit next to us in our cozy band area upstairs. But the club is opened up in such a way that you'll be able to hear, and definitely feel the music that we kick.
This wont be the highly anticipated showing of the "Uriah Duffy Band"- not yet anyways... (That will be this fall!)
This will be a sexy funky loungy event with 2 of my favorite musicians... and myself at the helm, playing music to fit the atmosphere of this wonderful space. Ambient Drum n Bass grooves, to Herbie Hancock & Miles, to Toni Tony Tone, Sade and of course some funk. The real drippy kind. - all the stuff I love playing.

How this started:
Last month, I was asked to play solo for a good friends impromptu birthday at this club. I convinced him to let me bring along a Drummer, a Keyboard player and to trust me. By the end of the night, not only did we leave the people amazed by the live music- now the club owner Damon has invited me to help him create that vibe again as this was the 'perfect sonic fit for the venue'. Sexy music for sexy people.
We would love to do this every week, on Tuesday nights. This will be a place to offer socialites, business peeps, artists and the like a place to unwind that can provide an atmosphere of groove-oriented, non-threatening music by some of the best live musicians in the industry. I can almost see this as an extension of my infamous house parties (if you've been to one, you know what I speak of!). A safe place for folks to flirt, mingle, and allow me to entertain the only way I know how (no jokes, please). This will be an exciting start to something great! I will do as much as possible to spread the word in the month and a half that I'm here before departing on tour again. But believe me, I'll see to it that the music continues in my absence.

About the musicians:

Mike Blankenship - Keys
Lyrics Born, Lauren Hill, Ledisi, Braxton Brothers.
  Dante "Taz" Roberson - Drums
Toni Tony Tone, The Whispers, Eric Benet

So come out to this event and help me make this a great hang- I can't do it without you!
-Uriah Duffy