My lil' Bro, YES, named after the rock group of the same name.

So my younger brother is now a celebrity of sorts. He was chosen to be on the MTV show, "The Road Rules". Generation-X Reality TV. The first season was called "Semester at Sea", and lasted for 4 months. Here is an incredible letter he wrote to us while away. He then got called back for a second season titled "Real World vs. Road Rules Challenge 2000". You can find out all about the 2 shows at:

After the filming, Yes went to do his own thing with 4 fellow UC Berkeley kids. They traveled around the world (primarily SE Asia) immersing themselves in as many other cultures as they can find before returning to the States. Their progress, as well as essays, journal entries and photos can be found on the web at:


Look out for Yes on continuing seasons of the Road Rules Challenge.